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digging up the dead…

I’m sorry. The dead do not speak for us to hear them. All unanswered questions must be jam-jarred for a rainy day, The arguments sit pickled, part done when the chills come on. The love yous linger but they are … Continue reading

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the hole in my net…

Lately I am star-crossed with constellations of bites, little galaxies blazing on my skin. I ponder them, try to divine the beast that bit by the breadth of swell and ache of itch. But all too often they remain mysteries, … Continue reading

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my life is too short…

The winds has changed a little today, the breeze that was soft and gentle is a little pushier now as it raps on my window and wheels in the yard. I am feeling a bit feistier… my own energy trapped … Continue reading

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when the words breathe…

Today I was catching up on some of my thank you letters. These are not the usual ‘thank you for your gift’ or ‘thanks for coming’ notes. Having promised myself I would get back on the wagon with Kristie’s challenge, … Continue reading

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on letting it go…

I’ve been thinking about forgiveness. The dog and I watched Dogma last night so I went to bed with a head full of angels, arches and aeon old grudges… I suspect that had about the same affect on sleep as … Continue reading

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