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love lasts longer…

Love lasts longer than the falling sigh, The cast down look. Advertisements

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what I called to say..

Heya bab, Tonight I headed out of the house in a flurry of coats, hats and scarves as mid March snow drifted down chilly beautiful and utterly indifferent. I was just popping off round to a friend’s for a cuppa, … Continue reading

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the package…

My parcel came back. Six months and 12,000 miles in the journeying. The woman named-tagged back behind the counter smiled gently, Suggested I check the address, Repack. Resend. I nodded back pale polite, Knew the direction three times checked. It … Continue reading

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digging up the dead…

I’m sorry. The dead do not speak for us to hear them. All unanswered questions must be jam-jarred for a rainy day, The arguments sit pickled, part done when the chills come on. The love yous linger but they are … Continue reading

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being loved..

Heya Bab, This was our second winter without you but of course, as ever, you were very much here. We go into the hills to remember you, but the act feels pleasantly unimportant. We return there again and again so … Continue reading

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sunrise, sunset…

And sunrise and sunsest roll on and roll over. The sky greys up and blacks out, To the rise and fall of humming traffic, The office buzz, The thickening clump of nights, The scrape of ice dawning on windscreens. I clock … Continue reading

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said but not spoken..

I talk to you but you don’t talk back. And so my words get lost. They break up in the cotton wool clouds that rise sleepy off the morning fields. They tangle in the sluggish pull of the fat flat … Continue reading

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blooming beautiful fear…

I am home, whatever that means. I sit on the patio in the sunshine. Other worlds seem far away, and I am content with the dog tangling happinesses between my legs as breezes bowl clouds by in the streaming bright of summer … Continue reading

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coming home…

Hiya Bab, It’s been a long time eh? Days, weeks, months have folded back and peeled away since you went away. Seasons bloomed, blossomed then dried on the branch and fallen off forgotten. It has now been fifteen months since … Continue reading

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the only exception..

I am a little scared. I have been left by the side of the road in a strange city at 4am and fifteen under. I’ve stood cowering in my pack, locked out, as lightening raged over head and spat rain … Continue reading

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