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I don’t know…

Me and two girls from the dorm room spilled out into Antigua’s night. Bonds mesh fast when you travel. One girl had thrown up on the others jacket on a half way jog to the restaurant toilet. I’d held her … Continue reading

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wish I was dancing….

I have loved Bangladesh, bright, brilliant, filthy, but I am almost out of time here. So here I am, groping for answers as to what and where should come next, swinging madly from one choice to another on an almost … Continue reading

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music that floods..

There are times when music rolls through me like a tide of emotion: when its currents pull my heart into the waters that I don’t have the strength to swim alone. It stings and soothes me with a drop, with … Continue reading

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another 4am..

I have danced my high heels flat on rough stones. Circled strong arms in a club curled around the roots of a towering tree,the only roof the streaming starlit black. Death is in my mind, whispering secrets. It tells me … Continue reading

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music in the night…

Music drifts through my open window. The ghosts of drums, voices, old rhythms stilling the chatter of a hundred thousand insect serenades. Tiny loves blending through the expansive shades of black. The unknown words speak fluently of all I cannot … Continue reading

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