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blooming beautiful fear…

I am home, whatever that means. I sit on the patio in the sunshine. Other worlds seem far away, and I am content with the dog tangling happinesses between my legs as breezes bowl clouds by in the streaming bright of summer … Continue reading

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muddy belly mountain…

When we asked the price to get a taxi up the mountain we were told we would need a new car, since the old ones just would not make it up. Negotiations were duly conducted with much waving of hands, … Continue reading

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the world spins madly on..

There are times when life feels like a wobble on a wire, a time of teetering above the unknown, the endless void. The world dances with steps we don’t know, and we’re almost always wrong-footed by the tempo – left feeling … Continue reading

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these borrowed bones….

The afternoon we had another ash scattering outing. This time my mum, my brother and I went to take a shake of dad to my older brother’s grave. The ritual has emptied a little with the repetition. Dad is not in … Continue reading

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falling off the earth..

I just stumbled across a blog by someone else, half a world away, whose parent died of the same kind of cancer on exactly the same day as my dad. It is usually good to share, to feel connected, but … Continue reading

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