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reading menus…

Menus leave me muddled. Even in English, here they’re mysteries. There is a whole page of reindeer meat specials thousands of miles from a sniff of snow. On another, plated palmistry is offered alongside deep fried frog and stomach stew. … Continue reading

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violet skies….

The night is moist to touch. Wet, warm, sensuous, just a little too much. It’s the kiss you pull away from. Air heavy hot, Only cut clean by the rat a tat rattle of the distant train track, An edge … Continue reading

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caught in the net…

Back in the mosquito net I doze, jet lag drugged as the fan glitters, irritable with the electricity. The bed is too short for both feet and head so I wriggle restless, thoughtful – thoughtless.

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remembered landscapes…

There are landscapes I have trodden. I keep them with me: a variety box of colours, continents, wonders carried home. I have mountains, rivers, oceans, dust deserts, rolled tight so as to travel well without crumpling. On grey dark days … Continue reading

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these strange shapes…

Life has taken on strange shapes. The nights are dust heavy, airless and weighted with whispers. I whisper too. Nothing is private. Nothing unseen. Early mornings shave out a space before I become a function.  In these spare moments I … Continue reading

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breaking bread…

The sun rises. Fire petals light the concrete tangle of bowed buildings pretty in pink. Blaze blooming back up to the sky. It is hard to sleep when God is at your window and I wake, weary, 5 am reluctant, … Continue reading

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my journeying heart..

I have been moving thousands of miles and I have been silent. Perhaps you wondered where I was. As the miles were chewed up and spat out under bumping bus wheels, as the borders rolled by, my words were somehow … Continue reading

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snap shots…

I sat enjoying the sunshine in the Plaza de Armas of Sucre, Bolivia. An elderly man joined me on my bench and offered me a bite of his ice cream. I declined with a smile, he offered again and again, … Continue reading

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I am sorry to be silent but Peru has taken my breath away. At times travelling finds me dabbling in polyamory. I fall in love many times, fret over the multiples, and each time tell myself that no other place could … Continue reading

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my half banana…

In our lives we talk a lot about big loves, grand narratives and sweeping romances. The search focuses on what is called in Spanish our ‘media naranja‘ or half-orange, the perfect other half that fits us vein for vein and … Continue reading

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