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present pleasure…

There are times when a pinch of struggle salts everything. Each day is rough to  touch, the coarse spot your fingers play back to, the worry that catches a nail. Then, all in a moment, you remember to miss the … Continue reading

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quiet desperation is the English way…

After a few days where grief was as pressing and present as the ground beneath my feet, I’ve been trying hard to put it back in its place, to shift the tilt of my landscape and let in a little more sky. … Continue reading

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do you see what I see?

It has been another good day. We bumpy roaded to a nearby city and spent the day exploring, dodging rickshaws, finding markets, touching fabrics, drawing stares. It is a place tourists would never visit. It would not make even a … Continue reading

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fireflies and moonlight…

Today I braved hours of traffic getting out of Dhaka so as to spend a few days at a small project site out in the countryside. After another relentlessly hot day, my colleague and I decided to celebrate the cool … Continue reading

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music that floods..

There are times when music rolls through me like a tide of emotion: when its currents pull my heart into the waters that I don’t have the strength to swim alone. It stings and soothes me with a drop, with … Continue reading

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that other undiscovered country…

In the last months it has been easy to see grief as the wellspring of every new thought and feeling. I have thought of it as a temporary madness, something to endure. The inevitable slip-slide of ups and downs has … Continue reading

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The runners were there again in the night pounding a path through my sleep and yanking me back into the hot dark room, the net. I stared up the ceiling criss-crossed with bars of black and waited to sink back … Continue reading

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the trick of being thankful…

Grief, death, darkness leaves so much mess and murk swirling around inside that there are times when I need to give myself an emotional alka seltzer. Gratitude is my best tonic, my tomato-tabasco pick me up. There is much that … Continue reading

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having a little faith..

Its a good/bad day. I’m sticking with my grab-life-by-the-goolies battle plan but the dog has thrown up in my bed and that never makes for a good start! Something is shifting in my grief. Suddenly I’m a little restless, a … Continue reading

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