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what I cannot…

I cannot stop this, Cannot fix it. I cannot hold myself a halt, To pause a comma. I am caught in cannots but bind myself belief, To find a word to bring you. And I would bring you, Safe, To … Continue reading

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being loved…

I found this post written on February 14th: You asked me over for dinner yesterday, oddly formal, awkward smiling. I said yes without a thought, surprised you’d bother to ask in advance when we spend so many evenings sat alone … Continue reading

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snow story..

The days break under foot, Ice bound, Dead cold, But beauty blooms resilient. Another world is just a hedge hop away. Though it takes grit and grime to get there, Through snow stained with shit and piss, Stark and litter … Continue reading

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The dark falls while I’m still in the office, Sudden as a ceiling on my head. Now the first frost drops in daylight. It pisses me off, Even as I scrape it all off, To let my cold-crusted car crack … Continue reading

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8 minutes…

‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull what you really love’ Rumi What we love we love. Our lives unfold as they will once we let them take our hearts. The only real choice is whether we go … Continue reading

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I sat here because asked me to. It wasn’t where I wanted to be. In darkness I waited, spun hope on a tomorrow, watched the door. I cut cloth, the hours, days, weeks. I divvied and dividing until I had … Continue reading

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my journeying heart..

I have been moving thousands of miles and I have been silent. Perhaps you wondered where I was. As the miles were chewed up and spat out under bumping bus wheels, as the borders rolled by, my words were somehow … Continue reading

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my half banana…

In our lives we talk a lot about big loves, grand narratives and sweeping romances. The search focuses on what is called in Spanish our ‘media naranja‘ or half-orange, the perfect other half that fits us vein for vein and … Continue reading

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its alright…

Heya Bab, I know it has been a while since I’ve written, but you are often in my thoughts. You stop by with the mail in my inbox that spam-says its from you, in the silly line from a movie … Continue reading

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Nicaragua, mi corizon…

Travelling can feel like badly planned polygamy. It is easy to fall in love many times with abandon, to draw many things and many places to your heart. I find my hands are often full. The flood of feeling can … Continue reading

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