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the compass spin…

I checked my compass and found it addled, my east gone west. I wondered when it happened, wonder when it no longer mattered. There had become here, there was no where else to be found, and inside I always knew … Continue reading

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the first hundred years without my father..

Heya Bab, It has been a while since I have written. I am living life like a multi coloured montage of adventure and it keeps my eyes busy, my fingers tip tapping. The life of leisure still seems to speed. … Continue reading

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island life..

A visit is always only a visit. To travel is not to stay, to live, to grow from a place. We who wander have the luxury of forgetting that winter comes sharp, that the land is greedy, that is hardens … Continue reading

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a diagnostic guinea pig…

High up in the Altiplano Lake Titicaca seems a little lost, an impossible Aegean blue blown long and wide by stream of the chill winds. The Inca believed that life sprung forth first from an island on this lake and … Continue reading

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the long stretch…

One of the more unnerving things about travelling is the burgeoning recognition that I am not the centre, that my life, my world, my little universe is just one of many headlong, slip-spinning. There are good days and bad days … Continue reading

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snap shots…

I sat enjoying the sunshine in the Plaza de Armas of Sucre, Bolivia. An elderly man joined me on my bench and offered me a bite of his ice cream. I declined with a smile, he offered again and again, … Continue reading

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Every once in a while I stumble on a lovely something I was not expecting and I do love the surprises that fall like gifts in my path. I arrived in La Paz at 7am after a long ┬ánight on … Continue reading

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