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said but not spoken..

I talk to you but you don’t talk back. And so my words get lost. They break up in the cotton wool clouds that rise sleepy off the morning fields. They tangle in the sluggish pull of the fat flat … Continue reading

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a place of my own…

Travelling alone often does not mean being alone. There are lots of people to be met along the way and some of them travel with you for a little while, sharing costs, laughter, plates of food. There is a kind … Continue reading

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mi casa…

I woke up convinced there was a ghost playing with the light switches. In fact it was just the guy next door going to the bathroom – we share the half wall that splits my room from his, and it … Continue reading

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thank you for you…

After a few days of being stressed about an awful lot of nothing, today was a day that pulsed with love, when I was reminded simply and sweetly of what matters.

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where the heart is…

Today the temperature plummeted to minus three. The air stung with the frost’s cold kiss, bringing a rising blush of blood to numb cheeks and fingers. The river crossing drifted with ghost mists that loomed dense and then dreamed out … Continue reading

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being bold…

There is a future I’m dreaming of, as it day-dreams of me with equal wistfulness. It often feels like a flitty-floaty thing, not fit to hang a heart on, and yet I’m trying to put a life there, trying to … Continue reading

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I hoard toilet paper…

On my last morning walk to work in Dhaka a mist started to roll in across the lake, hiding the slum and cocooning me and the bridge over in a shroud of thick white fluff. It was something I had never seen in … Continue reading

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