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goodbye hello…

This year has been like one of those lovers that you would not want to spend a lifetime with, but yet you know you will never ever forget. It swept me off my feet, burned me, broke my heart, tore … Continue reading

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a world away…

I am warm in my bed and the world seems far away, shut out with the rain and the wind. The moment is full and content. Anywhere but here, this, seems like a distant dream. And yet my thoughts are always … Continue reading

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excess baggage…

When I’m abroad I learn to live with little. I know it’s good for me to be reminded that I can manage with five sets of clothes, that life is possible with two pairs of shoes and only one sweater.. … Continue reading

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butterfly dreams…

I wonder whether caterpillars sleep sound on the scent of summer, dreaming of butterfly wings and soaring skies. Do they know where they’re going when their days stiffen and still? Or do they struggle and strain against the momentum of a change unnamed, … Continue reading

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the neon-pink Christmas tree…

I was met at the airport by a delighted dog in fairy wings – why wings? I don’t really know. My brother and the pup picked me up, drove me dozing home, and ushered me in to see a neon-pink … Continue reading

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I hoard toilet paper…

On my last morning walk to work in Dhaka a mist started to roll in across the lake, hiding the slum and cocooning me and the bridge over in a shroud of thick white fluff. It was something I had never seen in … Continue reading

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The world rolls itself flat under my high prying eye, blurring out into black beneath me. The soaring rain writes messages on the window as the plane drops. There might be tears of sadness or boundless joy spoken in the … Continue reading

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I will miss you…

My bag is half packed and teetering on a baby pink bathroom scale that has seen better days. I have the tickets, the flight schedule. I’m braced for one degree in flip flops, for the first freeze. I’m wondering why … Continue reading

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the slum, the rock and the rat…

I am out walking again. The streets stream with red and green flags, flutter-flying thanks for the country’s liberation, the beginning of an end to oppression. The mosques disgorge the Friday faithful into the dusty afternoon in waves of flip flops. The … Continue reading

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wish I was dancing….

I have loved Bangladesh, bright, brilliant, filthy, but I am almost out of time here. So here I am, groping for answers as to what and where should come next, swinging madly from one choice to another on an almost … Continue reading

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