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grace in grief…

Loss is the cloud that carries the sun. It is a frame, a flight of darkness that is meant to rise and lift, even when its weight seems to bully back the spring of earth. Lately I cry a lot. … Continue reading

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other people’s stories…

There are times when I am out of strength, out of words, out of heart. I just want to give up on everything, opt out.

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goggles in the rain…

Heya Bab, Yesterday it was 5 months since you died. 5 months ago I woke up from another uneasy sleep, went to check on you, was relieved to find you were alive and then realised that a crucial part of … Continue reading

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thank you for beautiful…

Being thankful is something I have been trying to make a habit of, and today I realised I would kind of like to write Bangladesh a thank you letter! This is what I would say: Thank you for beautiful, for … Continue reading

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it is not enough, but enough…

Heya bab, Lately I just want to call you. It is too long since we have spoken, too long since I have heard your voice. I often think of dialling your number just to hear your phone ring, but I … Continue reading

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ask everything, know nothing…

I thought I would tell you a bit about my time on the rivers. Getting to the boat was a voyage all in itself; a flight across the country and then a 3 hour drive down little country roads that … Continue reading

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river life in photos….

I took these pictures during the last few days, which I spent on a riverboat negotiating the maze that makes up the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghn rivers. These rivers seemed almost deserving of a different word – they … Continue reading

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same same but different..

Sometimes it is just so hard to make myself understood and travelling cross-culture, in new languages, only compounds the confusion. I hoard memories of bafflement as a prophylaxis against taking myself too seriously. There was the time I managed to … Continue reading

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village life in a few photos…

There is water everywhere. Village life in this part of the country seems to float on chains of almost-islands just feet above the the glassy gleam of mirror pools.

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picking passionate awkwardness…

Today’s post is all about getting stuck in. The world has plenty of people who could use a bit of help. There are also a lot of people who want to help. But it is all too easy not to, … Continue reading

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