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gifting darkness..

Do you ever feel like you might be on the wrong side of a looking glass? Walking through short days in the world that looks right, sounds right but doesn’t feel right? But of course you just keep on walking. … Continue reading

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butterflies falling in the dusk…

There are an impossible numbers of fat matt-brown butterflies twisting and twirling through the streets like breeze-blown litter. Tired and dust heavy – they look a little lost. Walking home from work, I swerve step so as not step on … Continue reading

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music in the night…

Music drifts through my open window. The ghosts of drums, voices, old rhythms stilling the chatter of a hundred thousand insect serenades. Tiny loves blending through the expansive shades of black. The unknown words speak fluently of all I cannot … Continue reading

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that burning cup…

The night hums with dog-bark darkness. Something sings serenades to the trees,  unknown melodies layered in the softnesses of silence. Through long hours the moon shadowed out the rage of the sinking sun. It sits in the sky like a burning … Continue reading

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before the light bleeds back..

The day started and stuck, in those empty hours that keep coming around and catching me all out of energy and distractions. 2am finds me sitting huddled up to the brightness of my screen like a cave man clinging to the … Continue reading

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