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depths called high

There is tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, Each rolls on, dark, unrepentant. Dry days heap one on one in dusting heaps since you plunged forth, Quiet in your falling, Silent off slipping, But inwardly, awkwardly utterly missed. You were not … Continue reading

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remembered landscapes…

There are landscapes I have trodden. I keep them with me: a variety box of colours, continents, wonders carried home. I have mountains, rivers, oceans, dust deserts, rolled tight so as to travel well without crumpling. On grey dark days … Continue reading

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the quiet guy…

This is for you. This is the thank you I would write you if our lives had not wound off different ways. It is the you I would show you if I could take tours in my head or let … Continue reading

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the weight of kindness…

  I was taking money out of a cash point in a sprawling La Paz bus terminal, feeling more than a little exposed in the clear glass cubicle that seemed to magnify the curious eyes looking my way. Sometimes I … Continue reading

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the first hundred years without my father..

Heya Bab, It has been a while since I have written. I am living life like a multi coloured montage of adventure and it keeps my eyes busy, my fingers tip tapping. The life of leisure still seems to speed. … Continue reading

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a long day…

There are days when it all works and days when it doesn’t, and sometimes the days when it doesn’t work are sufficiently funny that I can forgive them for failing to co-operating. I went to Argentina on the spur of … Continue reading

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the rocks cry out…

I have been lost yet again in beauties, wandering through the histories of the earth painted in rainbow palettes of ancient rock.

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warm welcome…

I’m sitting in a cafe taking advantage of free wifi and a warm place to sit. I’m wait for the night bus to judder on in to town and rattle me off into the dark, ready to wake up in … Continue reading

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goodbye central America…

I left less than a week ago, but here, high up in the icy highlands of Peru, Central America quite literally feels a world away, a day dream of warmth and sand to squeeze between my toes.

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my half banana…

In our lives we talk a lot about big loves, grand narratives and sweeping romances. The search focuses on what is called in Spanish our ‘media naranja‘ or half-orange, the perfect other half that fits us vein for vein and … Continue reading

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