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we hurt the ones we love the most…

The planned family day out derailed spectacularly before we got out the door. Suddenly I was caught in the middle of a verbal crossfire between my mum and my brother. The slanging match included vital topics such as the dangers … Continue reading

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life in a tea cup…

Today I saw a banana plant growing in a in a tea cup. Just a few days ago I watched some its towering cousins staring down the sky, braced against a tropical storm,so I couldn’t help but feel a little … Continue reading

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the long road…

The road from here to there can feel like a breath or a thousand miles. It seems like but a blink when we realize we’re already there. When we see that somehow we’re at that place we were heading for … Continue reading

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all change…

On my way to Uganda I had a 24 hour stop in Amsterdam. I’ve been to there a few times. Its a beautiful city, one that is meant to be shared, lingering lovingly over. Seeing it alone seems a bit … Continue reading

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grief and zombies…

Heya Bab, I have a confession to make. Tonight I sat up watching some scary ass zombie movie that you-know-who had saved on my computer, even though it scared the crap out of me! I ate way too many Pringles … Continue reading

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lost in the dark…

My tiredness has crept up on me. The weight of nights cut short by barking dogs and a hundred good mornings said in squawky parrot. My itchy bites bug me through my dreams and I’ve already grown a little fed up of … Continue reading

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crash and crunch…

I guess it’s inevitable that after the swoop comes the slump. The swelling nausea as the ground surges up, filling my eyes and blocking my sight. I can’t even see clouds from here. There never seems to be a reason, … Continue reading

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temper and tears….

This morning for the first time in months I took the bold step of putting on eye make up. Fortune favours the brave and all that. It seems like the on off on off job might actually be on again … Continue reading

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my life is too short…

The winds has changed a little today, the breeze that was soft and gentle is a little pushier now as it raps on my window and wheels in the yard. I am feeling a bit feistier… my own energy trapped … Continue reading

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lining my ducks up…

As I dug through my haves and have nots it occurred to me, I am starting to want things again. Not just  silly something nothings, not just the red shoes, but futures, dreams. I want to build a place to … Continue reading

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