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pain in the neck…

For no apparent reason my neck seems to have gone on strike and I am stuck staggering around like a rusty robot unable to look up, down or round. Pain really is a pain in the neck. Generally I have … Continue reading

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I am not the asparagus…

Today my brother offered me his view on relationships. Since he has been single for a long time, I would generally be quicker to take relationship advice from a nun. However, in the spirit graciously accepting what is generously given, I felt … Continue reading

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I love you…

There were times when it felt like ‘I love you’ was a tumour in the throat, words coughed out like a choke turned tight on a wrench. For long months I kept the words pressed in at the tail of … Continue reading

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thank you and goodbye…

I’ve got just about a week left in the UK and then I will be moving on again. This time I’m off to Bangladesh for a bit more work – this blog is making an intercontinental tour! So here I … Continue reading

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writing in a whirlpool…

I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I started writing here. I told no one, showed no one and yet it was so important for me to write, the posts kept me going on days when not much … Continue reading

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the enormity of loss..

Heya bab, It was another bloody memorial for you today bab. Its not that you’re not worth remembering, my blood is your memory, but I am done with doing it like this now. I am done with funerals and ashes … Continue reading

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music that floods..

There are times when music rolls through me like a tide of emotion: when its currents pull my heart into the waters that I don’t have the strength to swim alone. It stings and soothes me with a drop, with … Continue reading

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we hurt the ones we love the most…

The planned family day out derailed spectacularly before we got out the door. Suddenly I was caught in the middle of a verbal crossfire between my mum and my brother. The slanging match included vital topics such as the dangers … Continue reading

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finding you and losing you…

Hey bab, It’s been a long time but I try not to count the days. I am trying to let time slide through my hands and be itself again, to not see it as my adversary. There is so much that … Continue reading

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life in a tea cup…

Today I saw a banana plant growing in a in a tea cup. Just a few days ago I watched some its towering cousins staring down the sky, braced against a tropical storm,so I couldn’t help but feel a little … Continue reading

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