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The dark falls while I’m still in the office, Sudden as a ceiling on my head. Now the first frost drops in daylight. It pisses me off, Even as I scrape it all off, To let my cold-crusted car crack … Continue reading

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sunrise, sunset…

And sunrise and sunsest roll on and roll over. The sky greys up and blacks out, To the rise and fall of humming traffic, The office buzz, The thickening clump of nights, The scrape of ice dawning on windscreens. I clock … Continue reading

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dancing alone…

The days are all chilled and I am always tired. I am tired of remembering when I want to forget and forgetting when I need to remember. For a few hours a day I see sun light though the office … Continue reading

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8 minutes…

‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull what you really love’ Rumi What we love we love. Our lives unfold as they will once we let them take our hearts. The only real choice is whether we go … Continue reading

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grey dawn..

This ground is iced crisp, dried out party cake. Salt-crusted and ready for the bin. I walk, dead. Done. The lines of sky and earth have blurred out black, Matt paint laid on too thick. The hole in the heart … Continue reading

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I sat here because asked me to. It wasn’t where I wanted to be. In darkness I waited, spun hope on a tomorrow, watched the door. I cut cloth, the hours, days, weeks. I divvied and dividing until I had … Continue reading

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into the darkness..

A family friend’s grown up son came home to visit. He called and arranged to meet his mum for tea after work and then jumped off a bridge into motorway traffic. No one quite knew why and the road left … Continue reading

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