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The dark falls while I’m still in the office, Sudden as a ceiling on my head. Now the first frost drops in daylight. It pisses me off, Even as I scrape it all off, To let my cold-crusted car crack … Continue reading

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snap shots…

I sat enjoying the sunshine in the Plaza de Armas of Sucre, Bolivia. An elderly man joined me on my bench and offered me a bite of his ice cream. I declined with a smile, he offered again and again, … Continue reading

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a long day…

There are days when it all works and days when it doesn’t, and sometimes the days when it doesn’t work are sufficiently funny that I can forgive them for failing to co-operating. I went to Argentina on the spur of … Continue reading

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one day in La Paz…

I am still breathless, but now I am breathless in Bolivia, now nearly 3660 metres up. La Paz is quirky, kooky and in some ways more than a little random. I left my friend’s house in the morning to see people … Continue reading

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my half banana…

In our lives we talk a lot about big loves, grand narratives and sweeping romances. The search focuses on what is called in Spanish our ‘media naranja‘ or half-orange, the perfect other half that fits us vein for vein and … Continue reading

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I will miss you…

My bag is half packed and teetering on a baby pink bathroom scale that has seen better days. I have the tickets, the flight schedule. I’m braced for one degree in flip flops, for the first freeze. I’m wondering why … Continue reading

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a pineapple, tears, laughter and a mongoose…

Lately I am tired. It may be the click-tut of the geckos, the whinge-whine of mosquitos that bug and bite, or the brawling call of the morning mosque scaring me out of sleep, but I am finding little rest. I walk … Continue reading

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thank you for silly…

There are some days when laughter is the best possible pick me up and here there is much that is surreal or plain daft. So today I thought I would share a few of the memories I am saving for … Continue reading

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when the toilet blocks..

It has not been an easy day. The night was punctuated by angry messages, accusations, which did not make for much sleep. I’m still sad and more sickly. I can’t quite believe a cold can last this long. I am … Continue reading

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on a soft heart and a snake necked turtle..

My family life was always a bit like a camp out at the zoo – pets everywhere and an air of mild chaos kept just under control. My dad loved animals and what he loved he loved with his whole … Continue reading

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