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night walk..

At nine the night is empty, Snow silent, Soft with secrets that drift and dream. The evening flickers bright by TV light. Through curtain chinks, Families chew. That green gleam holds life in sight, But it is lived elsewhere, Inside. … Continue reading

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snow story..

The days break under foot, Ice bound, Dead cold, But beauty blooms resilient. Another world is just a hedge hop away. Though it takes grit and grime to get there, Through snow stained with shit and piss, Stark and litter … Continue reading

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The dark falls while I’m still in the office, Sudden as a ceiling on my head. Now the first frost drops in daylight. It pisses me off, Even as I scrape it all off, To let my cold-crusted car crack … Continue reading

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dancing alone…

The days are all chilled and I am always tired. I am tired of remembering when I want to forget and forgetting when I need to remember. For a few hours a day I see sun light though the office … Continue reading

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grey dawn..

This ground is iced crisp, dried out party cake. Salt-crusted and ready for the bin. I walk, dead. Done. The lines of sky and earth have blurred out black, Matt paint laid on too thick. The hole in the heart … Continue reading

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just me, just this…

These days are crisp to the touch, barely born before they slip into the jealous grasp of the long winter nights. Without work, without many people around, hours should stretch on. But I am finding contentment in little things: puppy-dog … Continue reading

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where the heart is…

Today the temperature plummeted to minus three. The air stung with the frost’s cold kiss, bringing a rising blush of blood to numb cheeks and fingers. The river crossing drifted with ghost mists that loomed dense and then dreamed out … Continue reading

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winter blues…

For the last few days storms have battered the hills. The river broke its’ banks, spilling angry torrents of froth and foam up over the peaceful fields I like to wander. Something wordless wild flies in the wind, hurling up … Continue reading

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winter fall…

Winter is coming to Dhaka with a fall of woollens, more bright hues adding to the riots already out on the street. Men strut their stuff in tissue light Punjabis, sleeveless sweaters, and scarves tied round their heads then under … Continue reading

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coming home to death on the wall…

After 24 hours in transit I have continent hopped, snoozed and flopped and now I am back in Wales and the rest of the world feels far far away, as if I dreamt the distances. The air here has crisped … Continue reading

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