what I cannot…

I cannot stop this,
Cannot fix it.
I cannot hold myself a halt,
To pause a comma.

I am caught in cannots but bind myself belief,
To find a word to bring you.
And I would bring you,
To this somewhere else beyond bomb bangs,
Gun bites.
With my words I’d tease you forth from the fierceness,
The fight,
The flame dark night.

With a word I make you precious,
Immutable mark too lovely to lose.
Not to be rubbed out, blown back,
Lost long in a number.

That I gift.
Little letters,
Making meanings.

With my words I’ll reach you, stretch out, hold on,
Make you magic,

I write us, this,
Now in the before.
I offer just myself,
Heart high,
Light, bright, beautiful,
Even as we die,
For nothing,
To silences.

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One Response to what I cannot…

  1. Words that witness … Powerful, tender heart …

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