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violet skies….

The night is moist to touch. Wet, warm, sensuous, just a little too much. It’s the kiss you pull away from. Air heavy hot, Only cut clean by the rat a tat rattle of the distant train track, An edge … Continue reading

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caught in the net…

Back in the mosquito net I doze, jet lag drugged as the fan glitters, irritable with the electricity. The bed is too short for both feet and head so I wriggle restless, thoughtful – thoughtless.

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butterflies falling in the dusk…

There are an impossible numbers of fat matt-brown butterflies twisting and twirling through the streets like breeze-blown litter. Tired and dust heavy – they look a little lost. Walking home from work, I swerve step so as not step on … Continue reading

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fireflies and moonlight…

Today I braved hours of traffic getting out of Dhaka so as to spend a few days at a small project site out in the countryside. After another relentlessly hot day, my colleague and I decided to celebrate the cool … Continue reading

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caviar and vodka…

There are odd days when I plain love my life. Rain has steamed onto the city through the day, leaving rivers of mud running through the streets. Now soft breezes push against the nets, jostle the heavy curtains of hot … Continue reading

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another 4am..

I have danced my high heels flat on rough stones. Circled strong arms in a club curled around the roots of a towering tree,the only roof the streaming starlit black. Death is in my mind, whispering secrets. It tells me … Continue reading

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The runners were there again in the night pounding a path through my sleep and yanking me back into the hot dark room, the net. I stared up the ceiling criss-crossed with bars of black and waited to sink back … Continue reading

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music in the night…

Music drifts through my open window. The ghosts of drums, voices, old rhythms stilling the chatter of a hundred thousand insect serenades. Tiny loves blending through the expansive shades of black. The unknown words speak fluently of all I cannot … Continue reading

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that burning cup…

The night hums with dog-bark darkness. Something sings serenades to the trees,  unknown melodies layered in the softnesses of silence. Through long hours the moon shadowed out the rage of the sinking sun. It sits in the sky like a burning … Continue reading

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