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sunset wave dance…

At the Costa Rican border I was picked up by a friend. He asked me exactly what it was I wanted. Again I fussed over options, volcanoes, cloud forests, the things the guidebook says I must see and do. But … Continue reading

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cracked earth and moonshine…

Last night as I lay awake thinking a bit too much, some words written nearly a decade ago came back to speak to me: I will not write, or weep, or live a cliché. Mine is the portrait of the … Continue reading

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winter blues…

For the last few days storms have battered the hills. The river broke its’ banks, spilling angry torrents of froth and foam up over the peaceful fields I like to wander. Something wordless wild flies in the wind, hurling up … Continue reading

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the slum, the rock and the rat…

I am out walking again. The streets stream with red and green flags, flutter-flying thanks for the country’s liberation, the beginning of an end to oppression. The mosques disgorge the Friday faithful into the dusty afternoon in waves of flip flops. The … Continue reading

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tell me your story…

Bangladesh II 175 Continue reading

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other people’s stories…

There are times when I am out of strength, out of words, out of heart. I just want to give up on everything, opt out.

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The runners were there again in the night pounding a path through my sleep and yanking me back into the hot dark room, the net. I stared up the ceiling criss-crossed with bars of black and waited to sink back … Continue reading

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just a hop over the hedge…

Sleep abandoned me at about 3am. I fussed, fretted, played solitaire, rolled, wriggled and then suddenly thought of getting up to see the sun rise. Often I think of going out exploring when I wake in the night,  but the … Continue reading

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having a little faith..

Its a good/bad day. I’m sticking with my grab-life-by-the-goolies battle plan but the dog has thrown up in my bed and that never makes for a good start! Something is shifting in my grief. Suddenly I’m a little restless, a … Continue reading

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a lightbulb in the darkness…

I don’t know about you but I am kind of fed up with all of this doom and gloom. Reading back and imagining what it must be like for someone else to read this, it occurs to me that I … Continue reading

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