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said but not spoken..

I talk to you but you don’t talk back. And so my words get lost. They break up in the cotton wool clouds that rise sleepy off the morning fields. They tangle in the sluggish pull of the fat flat … Continue reading

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whilst it lasts…

I have been a little high on wifi, after a week when the waves were all my satisfaction. I’ve been loitering online looking through old photos, wandering back through other journeys, spending a little time with friends long not seen, … Continue reading

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telling stories…

Conversations seem to fall into familiar patterns even on sun drenched streets that peel with a decades of paint. They do say that there are no new stories. Where are you from? What is your name? What do you do?

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saying nothing…

I believe that friendships run on time that obeys no tick-tock clock. Something beautiful can flower in half an hour or take a lifetime to unfurl.  I smile a lot. I talk with flying hands and light eyes. I’m easy company. … Continue reading

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same same but different..

Sometimes it is just so hard to make myself understood and travelling cross-culture, in new languages, only compounds the confusion. I hoard memories of bafflement as a prophylaxis against taking myself too seriously. There was the time I managed to … Continue reading

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music that floods..

There are times when music rolls through me like a tide of emotion: when its currents pull my heart into the waters that I don’t have the strength to swim alone. It stings and soothes me with a drop, with … Continue reading

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we hurt the ones we love the most…

The planned family day out derailed spectacularly before we got out the door. Suddenly I was caught in the middle of a verbal crossfire between my mum and my brother. The slanging match included vital topics such as the dangers … Continue reading

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music in the night…

Music drifts through my open window. The ghosts of drums, voices, old rhythms stilling the chatter of a hundred thousand insect serenades. Tiny loves blending through the expansive shades of black. The unknown words speak fluently of all I cannot … Continue reading

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hope floats..

Yesterday I kept on going, kept putting one foot in front of the other, finding one word and then another. Sometimes that is all you can do and it is just about enough. The comments you left on my rather … Continue reading

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life isn’t bliss…

Buffy the vampire slayer may not be considered one of the great philosophical references our of time but it has it’s gems and I think this is one them: Life isn’t bliss, life is just this, it’s living. Yet again … Continue reading

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