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8 minutes…

‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull what you really love’ Rumi What we love we love. Our lives unfold as they will once we let them take our hearts. The only real choice is whether we go … Continue reading

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its alright…

Heya Bab, I know it has been a while since I’ve written, but you are often in my thoughts. You stop by with the mail in my inbox that spam-says its from you, in the silly line from a movie … Continue reading

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the neon-pink Christmas tree…

I was met at the airport by a delighted dog in fairy wings – why wings? I don’t really know. My brother and the pup picked me up, drove me dozing home, and ushered me in to see a neon-pink … Continue reading

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have ticket will travel…

Heya Bab, Tonight I miss you, but I’ve been doing my crying in the shower to avoid spoiling more fruit! I’ve managed to get my contract wound up and my flights booked so I will make it home for Christmas … Continue reading

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It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

Heya Bab, Christmas is coming and I am wondering whether I will make it home in time to catch it. Without you I don’t know quite what it will be, who we will be. Part of me is tempted to … Continue reading

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when someone is dying…

Watching someone die is never going to be easy. Something is breaking. A world is ending. It is not going to be okay. The light is greying out. It is not far short of 6 months since my dad died … Continue reading

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happy birthday heartache..

The dates are backing up. I’m in a ruck, a cluster clump of hurt. I’ve been strong all day. Kept the quiver from my voice, the water at the edge of my eye. I did my job, smiled in the … Continue reading

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grace in grief…

Loss is the cloud that carries the sun. It is a frame, a flight of darkness that is meant to rise and lift, even when its weight seems to bully back the spring of earth. Lately I cry a lot. … Continue reading

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goggles in the rain…

Heya Bab, Yesterday it was 5 months since you died. 5 months ago I woke up from another uneasy sleep, went to check on you, was relieved to find you were alive and then realised that a crucial part of … Continue reading

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it is not enough, but enough…

Heya bab, Lately I just want to call you. It is too long since we have spoken, too long since I have heard your voice. I often think of dialling your number just to hear your phone ring, but I … Continue reading

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