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the compass spin…

I checked my compass and found it addled, my east gone west. I wondered when it happened, wonder when it no longer mattered. There had become here, there was no where else to be found, and inside I always knew … Continue reading

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crazy ridiculous plans…

After an adventure is never an easy place to be. I’ve been home now for just over a week and the air is crisp and clean in my lungs. I’ve washed off Dhaka’s dust, shaken off the persistent pollution-cough, and … Continue reading

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wish I was dancing….

I have loved Bangladesh, bright, brilliant, filthy, but I am almost out of time here. So here I am, groping for answers as to what and where should come next, swinging madly from one choice to another on an almost … Continue reading

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happiness and a murky pool…

Friday is the first day of the weekend in Bangladesh which means time to relax and enjoy the slow roll of small town life. It was good to wake up to the rising heat and the click-clatter of the fan … Continue reading

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choosing this…

Heya Bab, I’m in Amsterdam now on my way to another somewhere else that would have scored me points on our country competition list. I am officially kicking your ass. I sometimes think my life is lived in transit, that … Continue reading

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the long road…

The road from here to there can feel like a breath or a thousand miles. It seems like but a blink when we realize we’re already there. When we see that somehow we’re at that place we were heading for … Continue reading

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lining my ducks up…

As I dug through my haves and have nots it occurred to me, I am starting to want things again. Not just  silly something nothings, not just the red shoes, but futures, dreams. I want to build a place to … Continue reading

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the best kind of to do list…

Left unattended empty space seems to fill with dishes to be washed, hoovering and a lot of naps. Lord knows I have already taken enough naps.. I want the next week or so to be an experiment in whether the … Continue reading

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how selfish should I be?

Today I was back in the office and I remembered all over again how much I care about my work, how it lights me up inside I was like a duck returning to water after a long drought. I had … Continue reading

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