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going back to Rio…

I am finding my way back to the words I want to say as I look back to the beach from a rainy day. It has been a while and the rhythm of my story has been broken, interrupted. Advertisements

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island life..

A visit is always only a visit. To travel is not to stay, to live, to grow from a place. We who wander have the luxury of forgetting that winter comes sharp, that the land is greedy, that is hardens … Continue reading

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Every once in a while I stumble on a lovely something I was not expecting and I do love the surprises that fall like gifts in my path. I arrived in La Paz at 7am after a long  night on … Continue reading

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the rocks cry out…

I have been lost yet again in beauties, wandering through the histories of the earth painted in rainbow palettes of ancient rock.

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another world…

Sometimes words have little to offer. Many of the most magic moments are those that defy narration. Sometimes they even defy the bounds of thought. They cannot be truly be communicated, captured, caught.

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another day of beautiful…

I wanted to share a few pictures from the beautiful place I have spent the last few days. The Zephyr lodge at Languin had views like nothing I had ever seen, even from the shower!

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goodbye Cuba…

I’m now in Guatemala but I still have a post or two from Cuba to go and I thought I would write down a few of the things that I will never forget about Cuba, the good, the bad and the … Continue reading

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Havana’s old darlings…

I am not a car person. I can just about tell a mini from a motorhome.   And yet, it is impossible not to fall in love with these old classics that cruise Havana’s streets

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sun slump in Trinidad…

Trinidad is a little town in Sancti Spíritus province (central Cuba) that hums with life lived bright on quiet streets. The cobbled streets, and the tour-bus clamour of the centre, stand stark against the bare blue sky.

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I will miss you…

My bag is half packed and teetering on a baby pink bathroom scale that has seen better days. I have the tickets, the flight schedule. I’m braced for one degree in flip flops, for the first freeze. I’m wondering why … Continue reading

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