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shopping for memories…

On my cold dark day I stumbled onto a good excuse to spend a few days in London, so I boarded the bus with a few hours notice and half a plan. January sales on Oxford Street can look like … Continue reading

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saying nothing…

I believe that friendships run on time that obeys no tick-tock clock. Something beautiful can flower in half an hour or take a lifetime to unfurl.  I smile a lot. I talk with flying hands and light eyes. I’m easy company. … Continue reading

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quiet desperation is the English way…

After a few days where grief was as pressing and present as the ground beneath my feet, I’ve been trying hard to put it back in its place, to shift the tilt of my landscape and let in a little more sky. … Continue reading

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fireflies and moonlight…

Today I braved hours of traffic getting out of Dhaka so as to spend a few days at a small project site out in the countryside. After another relentlessly hot day, my colleague and I decided to celebrate the cool … Continue reading

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Amsterdam alone…

I’ve taken the pills and now I am hoping for better to brew in me. Hoping well again will come quickly. I’m waiting to be waiting for my next plane so I thought I would take you for a walk … Continue reading

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still I rise…

My butterfly thoughts have flit-fluttered around me all day, sensing the end of a season but not yet sure where else to fly to, where else things might grow. I am finding my way towards the longing for a new … Continue reading

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life isn’t bliss…

Buffy the vampire slayer may not be considered one of the great philosophical references our of time but it has it’s gems and I think this is one them: Life isn’t bliss, life is just this, it’s living. Yet again … Continue reading

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a good day to swap a cow?

“You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans.” I came across this Tom Robbins quote whilst blundering around on the internet and fell in love at first read. As a child fairy tales loomed … Continue reading

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thinking with my heart…

At some point between death and here, something seems to have wriggled round inside me. My thoughts are not what they were, I am not quite myself. In these weeks the emotions have flown so fast, bitten down so ferociously, … Continue reading

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