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the quiet guy…

This is for you. This is the thank you I would write you if our lives had not wound off different ways. It is the you I would show you if I could take tours in my head or let … Continue reading

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one day in La Paz…

I am still breathless, but now I am breathless in Bolivia, now nearly 3660 metres up. La Paz is quirky, kooky and in some ways more than a little random. I left my friend’s house in the morning to see people … Continue reading

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it’s all about me…

You all get so much of me, and yet in many ways you know so little of me. It seems a little unbalanced so I thought I would write down some random facts: I buy things to decorate the house … Continue reading

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the fullness of longing…

Dawn broke and the day was in bloom, bright, beautiful. I woke up with a smile on my face, wriggling my toes and stretching lithe limbs out into warm air. The rising sun stroked back the dark with a lover’s touch. It … Continue reading

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present pleasure…

There are times when a pinch of struggle salts everything. Each day is rough to  touch, the coarse spot your fingers play back to, the worry that catches a nail. Then, all in a moment, you remember to miss the … Continue reading

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other people’s stories…

There are times when I am out of strength, out of words, out of heart. I just want to give up on everything, opt out.

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happiness and a murky pool…

Friday is the first day of the weekend in Bangladesh which means time to relax and enjoy the slow roll of small town life. It was good to wake up to the rising heat and the click-clatter of the fan … Continue reading

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unfinished imperfect…

This morning we were greeted by a soggy pool on the office floor. We clustered around it, trying to figure the puzzle, checking out the options. It wasn’t raining so the ceiling shouldn’t have been leaking. The pool was far … Continue reading

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the sound of the sea..

Today I woke up to the sound of the sea roaring and agitating outside my window, a long long way from the hills that are usually home…. so I succeeded in moving on a little at least in one sense! … Continue reading

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