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butterflies falling in the dusk…

There are an impossible numbers of fat matt-brown butterflies twisting and twirling through the streets like breeze-blown litter. Tired and dust heavy – they look a little lost. Walking home from work, I swerve step so as not step on … Continue reading

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how can I help?

We are moths, dancing the breeze ever closer to the flame-flicker that brightens as it burns. There are paths we never want to walk that have to be trodden. Places we don’t want to visit that tug us irrevocably on. … Continue reading

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my cup overflows…

I’ve spent today sitting in the toilet throwing up in a bucket – food poisoning again. I ache all over, I feel terrible and I’m desperately thirsty because every time I drink, I’m sick again. It has been a day for … Continue reading

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It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

Heya Bab, Christmas is coming and I am wondering whether I will make it home in time to catch it. Without you I don’t know quite what it will be, who we will be. Part of me is tempted to … Continue reading

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winter fall…

Winter is coming to Dhaka with a fall of woollens, more bright hues adding to the riots already out on the street. Men strut their stuff in tissue light Punjabis, sleeveless sweaters, and scarves tied round their heads then under … Continue reading

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A few more shots of many Dhakas…

In this sprawling city, where more than 15 million jostle for space, lives are lived half on water. Ramshackle homes jut from the banks, seeming to float like the hyacinth clumps the grudging buffalo graze in the murky shallows.

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when someone is dying…

Watching someone die is never going to be easy. Something is breaking. A world is ending. It is not going to be okay. The light is greying out. It is not far short of 6 months since my dad died … Continue reading

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saying nothing…

I believe that friendships run on time that obeys no tick-tock clock. Something beautiful can flower in half an hour or take a lifetime to unfurl.  I smile a lot. I talk with flying hands and light eyes. I’m easy company. … Continue reading

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present pleasure…

There are times when a pinch of struggle salts everything. Each day is rough to  touch, the coarse spot your fingers play back to, the worry that catches a nail. Then, all in a moment, you remember to miss the … Continue reading

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thank you for silly…

There are some days when laughter is the best possible pick me up and here there is much that is surreal or plain daft. So today I thought I would share a few of the memories I am saving for … Continue reading

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