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unfinished imperfect…

Clouds bloom across the night like the mould of a tea cup, The road roars quietly and I sit trying to find you in my heart. You are leaving, and of course you have already left. I feel your pull … Continue reading

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the world spins madly on..

There are times when life feels like a wobble on a wire, a time of teetering above the unknown, the endless void.¬†The world dances with steps we don’t know, and we’re almost always wrong-footed by the tempo – left feeling … Continue reading

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cracked earth and moonshine…

Last night as I lay awake thinking a bit too much, some words written nearly a decade ago came back to speak to me: I will not write, or weep, or live a clich√©. Mine is the portrait of the … Continue reading

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gifting darkness..

Do you ever feel like you might be on the wrong side of a looking glass? Walking through short days in the world that looks right, sounds right but doesn’t feel right? But of course you just keep on walking. … Continue reading

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just me, just this…

These days are crisp to the touch, barely born before they slip into the jealous grasp of the long winter nights. Without work, without many people around, hours should stretch on. But I am finding contentment in little things: puppy-dog … Continue reading

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love endures…

Heya Bab, I’ve haven’t done this, haven’t written one to you for a while, but tonight was one of those nights when I was left wide awake with words for you buzzing round in my head. I wish you were … Continue reading

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where the heart is…

Today the temperature plummeted to minus three. The air stung with the frost’s cold kiss, bringing a rising blush of blood to numb cheeks and fingers. The river crossing drifted with ghost mists that loomed dense and then dreamed out … Continue reading

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being bold…

There is a future I’m dreaming of, as it day-dreams of me with equal wistfulness. It often feels like a flitty-floaty thing, not fit to hang a heart on, and yet I’m trying to put a life there, trying to … Continue reading

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it’s all about me…

You all get so much of me, and yet in many ways you know so little of me. It seems a little unbalanced so I thought I would write down some random facts: I buy things to decorate the house … Continue reading

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shopping for memories…

On my cold dark day I stumbled onto a good excuse to spend a few days in London, so I boarded the bus with a few hours notice and half a plan. January sales on Oxford Street can look like … Continue reading

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