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local boy…

I was having a bad day, ruffled as an indignant pigeon, pride-punched by too much filing and heart-hurt by all the other jobs I can’t seem to get. My angry shoes gave the pavement ‘what for’ as I carved my … Continue reading

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the cup is half empty…

I have two days of my trip to go. I’m finally in my last stop – Buenos Aires, a city steeped in legends. You might imagine that I have been tangoing the nights away, recovering languidly in the dim-lit cafes … Continue reading

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scattered showers…

Most days are sunny but there are odd moments when grief is a brick to the head, an unexpected blow, a crushing weight. There are moments when I wonder whether my sense of loss is greater than my sense of … Continue reading

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crash and crunch…

I guess it’s inevitable that after the swoop comes the slump. The swelling nausea as the ground surges up, filling my eyes and blocking my sight. I can’t even see clouds from here. There never seems to be a reason, … Continue reading

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when the toilet blocks..

It has not been an easy day. The night was punctuated by angry messages, accusations, which did not make for much sleep. I’m still sad and more sickly. I can’t quite believe a cold can last this long. I am … Continue reading

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