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the neon-pink Christmas tree…

I was met at the airport by a delighted dog in fairy wings – why wings? I don’t really know. My brother and the pup picked me up, drove me dozing home, and ushered me in to see a neon-pink … Continue reading

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when someone is dying…

Watching someone die is never going to be easy. Something is breaking. A world is ending. It is not going to be okay. The light is greying out. It is not far short of 6 months since my dad died … Continue reading

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old words and falling breath…

The forage through my email gave me a little courage to pick up the diary I last closed a few before dad’s death. It was actually incredibly hard to read the last pages but it feels a little like I’ve … Continue reading

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when the toilet blocks..

It has not been an easy day. The night was punctuated by angry messages, accusations, which did not make for much sleep. I’m still sad and more sickly. I can’t quite believe a cold can last this long. I am … Continue reading

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grim humour on the bus..

I’m reporting back feeling just a little proud, having survived my first day in London without meltdown. I visited work and held a couple of half sensible conversations without the outbreak of showers. I met friends and saw the distances … Continue reading

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holidaying with a hobgoblin..

Another day beside the sea but I feel like a stranger’s keeping me company even when I’m all alone. You see, right now I don’t quite know myself. Everything tires me. I feel as if the me I recall – … Continue reading

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