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goodbye Cuba…

I’m now in Guatemala but I still have a post or two from Cuba to go and I thought I would write down a few of the things that I will never forget about Cuba, the good, the bad and the … Continue reading

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muddy belly mountain…

When we asked the price to get a taxi up the mountain we were told we would need a new car, since the old ones just would not make it up. Negotiations were duly conducted with much waving of hands, … Continue reading

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a place of my own…

Travelling alone often does not mean being alone. There are lots of people to be met along the way and some of them travel with you for a little while, sharing costs, laughter, plates of food. There is a kind … Continue reading

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Havana’s old darlings…

I am not a car person. I can just about tell a mini from a motorhome.   And yet, it is impossible not to fall in love with these old classics that cruise Havana’s streets

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sun slump in Trinidad…

Trinidad is a little town in Sancti Spíritus province (central Cuba) that hums with life lived bright on quiet streets. The cobbled streets, and the tour-bus clamour of the centre, stand stark against the bare blue sky.

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mi casa…

I woke up convinced there was a ghost playing with the light switches. In fact it was just the guy next door going to the bathroom – we share the half wall that splits my room from his, and it … Continue reading

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rum drunk sunshine…

I am drunk on warmth, the scent of my skin, on speaking with smiles more than words. I am drunk on a dash of derelict, the pastel shades of decadenace decayed, shabby chic, on revolutionary zeal on peeling posters. I … Continue reading

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lightening the load…

I arrived in Cuba just a few hours late. My bag sadly did not. I had to smile at the irony of all the huffing and fussing I did over what to pack, only to find myself with not much … Continue reading

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I´m still alive…

Just a quick line or two to assure you I am alive and in one piece – currently in Santiago de Cuba basking in the sunshine.

I am writing posts and saving them ready for posting but so far internet access has been near impossible, expensive, restricted and the keys are all swapped around so typìng anything is a mission.

Hopefully I will have them with you soon… Cuba is beautiful, compelling, contradictory, perplexing and I have a lot to say, so watch this space!

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my mojito on ice…

Over night snow blanketed London in a deep sleep. Cars and buses have been cocooned in a heavy white dream, the city’s greys muted to silence, corners softened to gentler curves. Of course predictably, that also means the airport has been thrown into … Continue reading

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