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the cup is half empty…

I have two days of my trip to go. I’m finally in my last stop – Buenos Aires, a city steeped in legends. You might imagine that I have been tangoing the nights away, recovering languidly in the dim-lit cafes … Continue reading

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the compass spin…

I checked my compass and found it addled, my east gone west. I wondered when it happened, wonder when it no longer mattered. There had become here, there was no where else to be found, and inside I always knew … Continue reading

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the long stretch…

One of the more unnerving things about travelling is the burgeoning recognition that I am not the centre, that my life, my world, my little universe is just one of many headlong, slip-spinning. There are good days and bad days … Continue reading

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goodbye central America…

I left less than a week ago, but here, high up in the icy highlands of Peru, Central America quite literally feels a world away, a day dream of warmth and sand to squeeze between my toes.

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Nicaragua, mi corizon…

Travelling can feel like badly planned polygamy. It is easy to fall in love many times with abandon, to draw many things and many places to your heart. I find my hands are often full. The flood of feeling can … Continue reading

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thank you for paracetemol…

As predicted I got sick again so I’m glad to be working for an organisation that has a lot of doctors and a good supply of drugs! Today I left the village, the frog in the office, the yawning dead-heat dogs, the gecko under … Continue reading

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choosing this…

Heya Bab, I’m in Amsterdam now on my way to another somewhere else that would have scored me points on our country competition list. I am officially kicking your ass. I sometimes think my life is lived in transit, that … Continue reading

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the long road…

The road from here to there can feel like a breath or a thousand miles. It seems like but a blink when we realize we’re already there. When we see that somehow we’re at that place we were heading for … Continue reading

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this little inch of Africa..

This is Africa. My intestines regularly remind me of it, in near constant protest at my continental shift.  I am stalked by pervert mosquitoes to whom clothes pose no impediment and all they want is my blood. The security regulations … Continue reading

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the eagle has landed…

I arrived in Uganda late last night after what seemed like a forever of flights. There was a stop in Rwanda on the way but it was too late to see anything but an inky black speckled with distant lights,  … Continue reading

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