caught in the net…

Back in the mosquito net I doze, jet lag drugged as the fan glitters, irritable with the electricity. The bed is too short for both feet and head so I wriggle restless, thoughtful – thoughtless.

The heat hums outside, heavy with insects, darkness, night song, but I’m not ready for that yet. I can’t quite believe my choices changed, clumped, unballed, unravelled into another net, another new, another me alone in the night.

I’m just not here yet.

A bell chimes, temple time, marking the hours mysterious even when in silence, in made nothings I would make them mundane.

I know soon tomorrow will crawl under the door, soft, slow fingered but relentless. Until then I wait, let my feelings run, pool then puddle like glass eyes. I have stones I need to settle.

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One Response to caught in the net…

  1. I’ve missed your beautiful words, and beautiful heart. So lovely to reconnect xx Good luck on the new adventures, both internal and external!

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