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something real

Expat life is a pocket full of privilege and some days that sits more comfortably than others. Walking down the dock to join the ‘monster Halloween party’ boat, dressed as a disco diva modern witch, it really wasn’t all that … Continue reading

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this is not an apology…

It is strange to write to you but somethings are still too sore to be spoken out loud and all the wrong words often end up written. This is not an apology. What is done I would not have undone. … Continue reading

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the package…

My parcel came back. Six months and 12,000 miles in the journeying. The woman named-tagged back behind the counter smiled gently, Suggested I check the address, Repack. Resend. I nodded back pale polite, Knew the direction three times checked. It … Continue reading

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being loved..

Heya Bab, This was our second winter without you but of course, as ever, you were very much here. We go into the hills to remember you, but the act feels pleasantly unimportant. We return there again and again so … Continue reading

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said but not spoken..

I talk to you but you don’t talk back. And so my words get lost. They break up in the cotton wool clouds that rise sleepy off the morning fields. They tangle in the sluggish pull of the fat flat … Continue reading

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bad man, big thoughts…

There are some stories that I feel I need to turn over in my hands, rough moments that have to grow smoother before I’m prepared to share them. There are some things that I need to take a little time … Continue reading

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sex tourism and German loving…

In some countries it is easy to start feeling like Angelina Jolie within a day or two. You walk streets where hoots, whistles, blustered bravado and beautiful words fall like confetti . It’s your passport, your wallet, that makes you pretty, but … Continue reading

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unfinished imperfect…

Clouds bloom across the night like the mould of a tea cup, The road roars quietly and I sit trying to find you in my heart. You are leaving, and of course you have already left. I feel your pull … Continue reading

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being bold…

There is a future I’m dreaming of, as it day-dreams of me with equal wistfulness. It often feels like a flitty-floaty thing, not fit to hang a heart on, and yet I’m trying to put a life there, trying to … Continue reading

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it’s all about me…

You all get so much of me, and yet in many ways you know so little of me. It seems a little unbalanced so I thought I would write down some random facts: I buy things to decorate the house … Continue reading

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