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The dark falls while I’m still in the office, Sudden as a ceiling on my head. Now the first frost drops in daylight. It pisses me off, Even as I scrape it all off, To let my cold-crusted car crack … Continue reading

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don’t make dreams wait…

It was my last day in the balmy north of Brazil before flying south back into winter and winds. I rose to grey skies, but dressed in optimism and headed to the beach. I am a Brit after all. At the … Continue reading

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the hole in my net…

Lately I am star-crossed with constellations of bites, little galaxies blazing on my skin. I ponder them, try to divine the beast that bit by the breadth of swell and ache of itch. But all too often they remain mysteries, … Continue reading

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the enormity of loss..

Heya bab, It was another bloody memorial for you today bab. Its not that you’re not worth remembering, my blood is your memory, but I am done with doing it like this now. I am done with funerals and ashes … Continue reading

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my life is too short…

The winds has changed a little today, the breeze that was soft and gentle is a little pushier now as it raps on my window and wheels in the yard. I am feeling a bit feistier… my own energy trapped … Continue reading

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teddy bears and machetes…

Dad was a man of endless contradictions. He had boundless compassion and sensitivity, coupled with a short fuse and occaisonal beserker inclinations. We called it the ‘red rage’, the temper that fell like a thick impenetrable cloud.  Many crazy family … Continue reading

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you let me down…

Many people write about the buckets of support you get at first when someone dies. I think my loss must have come in a time of drought since I found more of a drip than a flood.

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what we leave behind..

Death is a big idea. Like love, it’s a concept one word cannot capture. An absence of presence, the space that is left when something has gone.

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