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life lived with open windows…

I said I would not do this again, but words are just words. We both know that. Life takes unexpected turns and it felt right. So I’m here. Another here, flown far from there. Living another life for a little … Continue reading

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the quiet guy…

This is for you. This is the thank you I would write you if our lives had not wound off different ways. It is the you I would show you if I could take tours in my head or let … Continue reading

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8 minutes…

‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull what you really love’ Rumi What we love we love. Our lives unfold as they will once we let them take our hearts. The only real choice is whether we go … Continue reading

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its alright…

Heya Bab, I know it has been a while since I’ve written, but you are often in my thoughts. You stop by with the mail in my inbox that spam-says its from you, in the silly line from a movie … Continue reading

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this moment…

I’m a sitting on a bus between a place my guidebook describes as ‘prickling with menace’ and another it calls ‘industrial, poor, dangerous and not recommended for visitors’. The words alone have me feeling a little on edge and uneasy. … Continue reading

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the little death…

Guatemala has become a land of convenience tourism. You can go from one hostel filled with foreigners to another, door to door, by dedicated shuttle bus, also filled with foreigners. The hostel staff, the travel agents, many of the travellers … Continue reading

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life is short, play naked…

Guatemala City has a pretty scary reputation and my flight was due to get too late at night for me to feel wholly confident about getting to the next safe city that evening. I’d posted my plans on couchsurfing – … Continue reading

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the world spins madly on..

There are times when life feels like a wobble on a wire, a time of teetering above the unknown, the endless void.┬áThe world dances with steps we don’t know, and we’re almost always wrong-footed by the tempo – left feeling … Continue reading

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just me, just this…

These days are crisp to the touch, barely born before they slip into the jealous grasp of the long winter nights. Without work, without many people around, hours should stretch on. But I am finding contentment in little things: puppy-dog … Continue reading

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goodbye hello…

This year has been like one of those lovers that you would not want to spend a lifetime with, but yet you know you will never ever forget. It swept me off my feet, burned me, broke my heart, tore … Continue reading

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