rum drunk sunshine…

I am drunk on warmth, the scent of my skin, on speaking with smiles more than words. I am drunk on a dash of derelict, the pastel shades of decadenace decayed, shabby chic, on revolutionary zeal on peeling posters.

I am drunk on sunshine, on green-blue seas that lick lap golden Caribbean sands. I am drunk on the rocking chair creaks that usher in the gathering dark on balcony windows and front steps; intoxicated with the musics that writhe sinuous through syrup-thick nights, the tapping feet, the pulse patter, the drumming fingers, hip swings, dog barks, cowboy hat mutter of ‘tsst, guapa, mi amiga’ that blend into the percussion of the city.

I’m flying high on mojitios, Cuba Libre, pina colodas, rum runs when the waters out, watching the grand old ladies of the rock and roll road rattle by, running on more heart than working parts.

I am drunk on strong arms that make the fact I don’t dance salsa, or meringue, or rumba, seem entirely irrelevant as I spin through songs I don’t understand but somehow make perfect sense, wordless.

I am drunk on hot bodies, the insistence of the beat, aftershave, reggaeton, and the beautiful bull shit about lasting love in 60 seconds that I am still smart enoguh to laugh at.

I walk home at 3am down broken moonlit streets on dance-sore feet, singing to myself and the thrown down cigarette end constellations that light the cobbles liek tiny worlds rising.

I am a little drunk. I’ll sleep, wake, grow sober, but for now I am enjoying the daze, my Cuba rum sunshine, dream dance daze..

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6 Responses to rum drunk sunshine…

  1. You made it! So proud of you….

  2. I can just picture you… And I wish to the depths of my soul I could be there too, propping each other up as we laugh our stumbling way home… But delighted you are there, having fun, enjoying the new and the beautiful and of course the DANCING….

  3. iamnotshe says:

    I sort of doubt you “do” awards, but i’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. WooHoo.Please see for “instructions” on how to pass the award along to your favorite bloggers.

  4. Talk to me...I'm your Mother says:

    I’m so glad to be reading of your journey again. And it sounds such fun…

  5. What a great painting of living fully, living thin! I’m enjoying breathing it in.

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