my mojito on ice…

Over night snow blanketed London in a deep sleep. Cars and buses have been cocooned in a heavy white dream, the city’s greys muted to silence, corners softened to gentler curves.

Of course predictably, that also means the airport has been thrown into chaos – information screens swarm with blunt red cancellations and a flock of euphemisms left to lighten the blow of the snow. 

It seems I can get as far as Madrid but the route from there on is suddenly in the cloud. But I’ve found my quiet place and it will take more than a few flakes to shake it.

My feet are on the road with the first step few steps taken my worries ebbed on out of sight. I’ve remembered who I am with a bag on my shoulder. I have my passport, some money and a change of clothes. The rest is optional extra.

In the airport the soft lilt of Spanish wafts past like the smell of sunshine and I can almost taste that mojito… it might just have to wait for me on ice.

I am not sure how easy it will be to get online from Cuba.. or for that matter when I will get to Cuba.. but I will be writing, so watch this space.



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5 Responses to my mojito on ice…

  1. Have a wonderful time, and enjoy the anarchic travelling! Thinking of you every step of the way… xx

  2. Bon voyage! We will be waiting here for news of Cuba.

  3. Life Student says:

    Godspeed. Or Godcalm. Whichever is necessary at the time.

  4. I can’t wait to read your travel writing from Cuba; good luck with everything, including your internet connection!

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