when the toilet blocks..

It has not been an easy day. The night was punctuated by angry messages, accusations, which did not make for much sleep. I’m still sad and more sickly. I can’t quite believe a cold can last this long. I am starting to take it as a personal affront.

The paint that a few days ago seemed vibrant chic now seems more Twin Peaks… so I have repainted it all again. With my splish-splash technique I am dappled in red and white dots like some exotic Amazonian bird.

The dog made modern art with a box of tissues and then the toilet blocked.It was the final straw, or should I say tissue, in the best possible way. For a moment I teetered on the edge of something and then it pushed me over into laughter. I realised there is no point in crying over spilled milk, torn up tissue or a brimming bowl.

After a few minutes on E-how, armed with plunger, coat hanger, and thankfully rubber gloves, I got to work. So today at least I feel I have achieved something!

I figure it is easy to be postive, perky, philosophical as armchair enterprises but it is who you are when the toilet blocks that really counts.

My dad was a big one for rising to life’s challenges. I think if he can see me now he will be having a good laugh…

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2 Responses to when the toilet blocks..

  1. Hermionejh says:

    It’s cool when it’s laughter at the absurdity, and I’m glad you found that in the situation (blocked toilet and all!).
    I so enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Hello Hermionejh, it is nice to see when you have visited and always so lovely to get comments, especially such lovely ones! It is amazing how redeeming laughter can be.

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