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the retreat…

Perhaps it is odd to speak first of this, after, but that’s what comes and why I came here, forest-found, so that I can let be the before. I wake to tree sighs. The firs tell dawn stories two hundred … Continue reading

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into the darkness..

A family friend’s grown up son came home to visit. He called and arranged to meet his mum for tea after work and then jumped off a bridge into motorway traffic. No one quite knew why and the road left … Continue reading

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the making of this and that…

I have been quiet. And yet, I’ve had so many thoughts. I have felt quite lost in a hum-hive of worries – swarmed by puzzle pieces I couldn’t fit, the math that wouldn’t calculate. I usually find myself in writing … Continue reading

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the sea and silence…

The sea murmurs unceasingly. It has secrets to tell; old stories long unspoken – peaceful and passionate, playful and depth deep. Here on the still shore I spend hours listening, watching, until the rise and fall of the waves slips within … Continue reading

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It is sometimes ridiculously easy to find yourself not having time to do what you want, even when all you have to do with your days is exactly what you want. I have felt an itch of ought not, of … Continue reading

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