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butterfly dreams…

I wonder¬†whether¬†caterpillars sleep sound on the scent of summer,¬†dreaming of butterfly wings and soaring skies. Do they know where they’re going when their days stiffen and still? Or do they struggle and strain against the momentum of a change unnamed, … Continue reading

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wanting this..

It has been Eid Al Adha, the festival of sacrifice, which meant a glut of public holidays in Bangladesh. I could just not bear the thought of so much time alone against the backdrop of grumbling grief and blood splattered … Continue reading

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writing in a whirlpool…

I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I started writing here. I told no one, showed no one and yet it was so important for me to write, the posts kept me going on days when not much … Continue reading

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life in a tea cup…

Today I saw a banana plant growing in a in a tea cup. Just a few days ago I watched some its towering cousins staring down the sky, braced against a tropical storm,so I couldn’t help but feel a little … Continue reading

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