night walk..

At nine the night is empty,
Snow silent,
Soft with secrets that drift and dream.

The evening flickers bright by TV light.
Through curtain chinks,
Families chew.
That green gleam holds life in sight,
But it is lived elsewhere,
Set sofa static.

I am outside, here.
This is my magic,
Printed in.
Delighted by the tread of feet,
Circling for joy of steps that unravel.
Dancing with the dark I travel,
And years slough off in ice sprays,
Then too mild melt.

Neck stuck,
Staring up.
I can’t help but smile,
Wonder-struck in a rain of powder kisses.

No one touches twice.
In each a moment unique,
Ten thousand blessings.

The snowflakes drop,
Dizzy shadows
Moth flit-flights in lamp light,
Yellow high candles that call the sky to fall.

Anything could happen.

Lift or stick, stay or go.
There’s no control,
And it is lovely,
With laughter,
And snowballs.

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One Response to night walk..

  1. Kathy says:

    Beautifully written.

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