snow story..

The days break under foot,
Ice bound,
Dead cold,
But beauty blooms resilient.

Another world is just a hedge hop away.
Though it takes grit and grime to get there,
Through snow stained with shit and piss,
Stark and litter studded.

IMG_2218(Sometimes it pays to think of where you want to get to,
And just keep walking,
Through the places you must pass)

And then there is this.
The silence of soft glances under feather’s comfort,
Whispers signed out on pillows.
The quiet hallelujah,
Of hands held,
Hearts at play.


I walk on into the white,
Frosted with falling kisses of ice.

The trees reach up with lovers’ fingers,
And the sky sighs for them,
Blushing blue for the night,
For touches of magic,
For the rising dawn fire that might burn or bless.

All sleeps,
And yet everything sings,
Dancing with the slow grace of tumble down flake-fall,

I gift my soul in spirit puffs,
Breathless smiles.
Love you with laughter.
Write messages with hot fingers pressing,
Deep into the snow.

I make my mark in the gathering light.

Come now.
Read what I write,
Be mine.

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3 Responses to snow story..

  1. You may be up and down and all around, but through it all you are carrying such talent that it will surely sustain you. You are poetry.

  2. Kathy says:

    Your writing is always so beautiful. I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award (

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