planning the pep talk..

I have been quiet. The last weeks and months have been tough and I’ve been short on inspiration, without words.

I still find dawns, sunsets, beauties to breath on, but life has felt a lot like existence rather than living and I haven’t liked that much. I don’t know quite how to live without living…it doesn’t suit me.

A dream has died and I am struggling to shrug off the cling-clutch of its crumbling skins.

I hope there is love for me. But I don’t see it from where I’m standing.

I hope another dream will flourish. But I’m finding it hard to believe in my ability to be anything more than just this.

There are days when I think this dead dull in-between is all there is and it feels all wrong. It might be normal but is nowhere near enough.. Perhaps I have been spoiled with too much joy.

Wandering the world left me undaunted but this, ordinary life, finds me washed out and weary. I feel like I should make a break for the exit. I want a future in a can or a hero on a horse but I’m not sure there is one for me…

I am planning the pep talk…

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One Response to planning the pep talk..

  1. Think not you can direct the course of love, for love if it find you worth will direct your course. Khalil Gibran , The Prophet …
    I have a poem I have to find and send too you …. Keep talking !

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