don’t make dreams wait…

It was my last day in the balmy north of Brazil before flying south back into winter and winds. I rose to grey skies, but dressed in optimism and headed to the beach. I am a Brit after all.

At the front, angry waves spat and spewed. I might have braved them for a last pretense, could have told myself the boiling clouds were turning to blue, just for a last moment that looked like a dream, like something I wanted.

But then I saw a sign that stated ‘severe risk of shark attack’ – they’d taken the trouble to translate into English so it seemed they might be serious.

I had nothing left to pin a hope on.

I sat on a squall of sand and tried to find some peace. I closed my eyes, let the sea and sky and beach bleach out to a blank. But there was still the white noise of my anger, my shattered-shell sharp hurt.

He will not see me.

The wind stung my cheeks, snarled in my hair. For a moment it’s tempers suited me but of course the ocean still rolled on regardless. My raging changed nothing.

I could not unwish the tide or draw back the sun.
He had said no.

I had nothing left to surrender, so I scratched out my heart in the wet sand – “life is short though the day seems long, don’t make dreams wait for tomorrow to come”

Thousands of miles away, a lifetime, the distance of a  hope stretched far by the curve of a globe, a car sped as a moment slipped in distraction, and something wonderful almost ended, undone.

Unknown, unread, my words unravelled in the water, wept away in the wind.

Nothingness comes on quick.

The sad sands soon shook off my feet.

My heart stayed sure. 

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3 Responses to don’t make dreams wait…

  1. – ”life is short though the day seems long, don’t make dreams wait for tomorrow to come” – Thanks for sharing this. I really need to figure out whether I should be pursuing my dreams, making it happen – or let society standards govern my life. 😦

    • Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading. From the way you posted your question, it sounds as if there is really no question at all just maybe your fears and worries about making want you want happen?

  2. Exactly – it’s more of worries about making what I want happen (and what if it happens but doesn’t turn out the way I want it to be?) It’s really just a bunch of questions floating around in the mind during this period.

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