island life..

A visit is always only a visit.
To travel is not to stay, to live, to grow from a place.
We who wander have the luxury of forgetting that winter comes sharp, that the land is greedy, that is hardens hands and stoops back.
Even as I stand here I am outside, looking in.
And yet moments of beauty speak with an eloquence that defies the knowledge of after and before, of other.  There are sights that need no analysis.
Beauty seems ever endless, ever fleeting.
It is a childhood of sunny day dreams, the  boat rocked blue deeps, a stolen kiss, a fallen sand castle touched by waves.

Forever is short.
The sunshine might not last long but it seems baked deep, blooming in the soil and writing lines of laughter, like short poems spoken softly, on brown faces.
Tomorrow’s rise like the road, bright, hopeful but still hard. There is far to walk.
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One Response to island life..

  1. You have such a way of capturing truth and beauty without assuming.

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