warm welcome…

I’m sitting in a cafe taking advantage of free wifi and a warm place to sit. I’m wait for the night bus to judder on in to town and rattle me off into the dark, ready to wake up in another adventure.

I may be indoors but I’m bundled up in layers like a quickly constructed scarecrow. Llama print mittens make typing tricky but it is just too chilly to take them off.

There is a post that I’ve had cooking for weeks now, but it still doesn’t seem ready to come out quite risen as I wanted.

It is simply that I am more grateful than I have words for – that I have been astonished by welcome, by warmth.

I have no perfect words to speak what is eloquent, broad and boundless in my heart… so these are just a few of the highlights on my thank you list:

thank you for driving me to the city when I just didn’t feel like taking the bus.

thank you for giving me a floor to sleep on even when you were worried about keeping the roof above your head.

thank you for lending me a sleeping bag, that you knew might never make it back, but made my nights so much better.

thank you for waiting in the airport for an hour when the name’s got muddled up and I was stood right opposite worried waiting too.

thank you for welcoming a someone your brother met a year ago, on a train, a world away, as if they were part of your family.

thank you for picking me up in the street when I fell over.

thank you for painting my nails and for the handcream you squeezed into a plastic bag.

thank you for coming to pick me up when I got my directions all topsy turvy.

thank you for giving me a key though you didn’t know me from Adam.

thank you for hand painting an ornamental bull as a gift for me – even though I’m terrified I’ll break it before I get it somewhere I can call home!

thank you for telling me to make myself at home and meaning it.

thank you for finding a mosquito net and tucking it just for me.

thank you for taking time to talk.

thank you for getting up early to run out and get fresh bread to break with me.

thank you for enduring my terrible Spanish.

thank you for telling me about who you are and what you think, even when you weren’t quite sure any of it made all that much sense.

thank you for being real with me.

thank you for hugging me.

thank you.



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3 Responses to warm welcome…

  1. cuhome says:

    The lists could go on and on and on, and that is gratitudes own beauty: it never ends, as long as we keep looking around! Thank you for this post!

  2. Kathy says:

    Beautifully written.

  3. how can words ever tell what shines from the light in our eyes … (thank you for telling your story…)

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