goodbye central America…

I left less than a week ago, but here, high up in the icy highlands of Peru, Central America quite literally feels a world away, a day dream of warmth and sand to squeeze between my toes.

I wanted to work out how many miles I covered, bouncing overland through five countries on endless buses, bashed up taxis and the back trailer of a few over laden bicycles. But here I don’t get as much time online, so I’m letting google earth keep those answers, and just allowing my mind to wander back along the path without needing numbers to pin it down to something more substantial.

What an adventure. What a time. I already miss that sunshine, those skies.

It is strange to say goodbye to the journey whilst I’m still travelling, and yet this feels like a very different chapter. There were goodbyes that needed to be said, spoken simply in sad smiles, kisses to be blown and the odd tear to dry.

There are places and people that will never be, could never be forgotten. Moments that will keep long and stay fresh in my thoughts.

As I zig-zagged my way south, I’ve laughed at voyeuristic worms trying to mount me in the shower, stared down the gullet of spewing volcanoes, eyeballed a spider eyeballing me with equal animosity as we both tried to sleep.

I have barked back at howler monkeys, let waterfalls wash me clean, found solace and silence on empty beaches. I’ve stumbled on friendships, beautiful surprises like sea strewn shells, which I hope to carry with me for the rest of my life, joys in my pockets.

As I look back and try to pick the most special moment, I find my hands and my heart full.

If there is one moment that holds the kernel, the seed of the magic, I think it has to be the one when I decided to make this happen, when I decided to let the dream grow,  breath and flesh out into flight tickets and buses and hostel beds.

So this post is another thank you, but this one is for me – thank you for taking the chance.





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5 Responses to goodbye central America…

  1. I always enjoy your allowing me into your world and travels thank you for this.

  2. Thanks Theodora! It continues to be both an honour and a surprise that people like to read about my ramblings!

  3. cuhome says:

    The photos are great, but your verbal images are even better! I felt like I was staring back into those beady, spider eyes!!

  4. I missed this passage last week, but as always it is poetic prose. I think you will find new spirits in the heights of the Andes, a different world for sure, ancient, more so than our shallow history admits.

  5. ccbrand says:

    It makes me so very happy to be able to follow your journey. Thank you for sharing it so eloquently.

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