thank you for you…

After a few days of being stressed about an awful lot of nothing, today was a day that pulsed with love, when I was reminded simply and sweetly of what matters.

It has been a while since I’ve written a thank you list but today I have a lot that I’m feeling thankful for:

The reassuring comments I received in response to my tanty ranty post last night, which helped clear the fog just enough for me to sit still and think about solutions instead of panicking over little problems. Thank you!

The fabulous man from American Express who solved my travel  money crisis. He was officially a king pin of customer service and if we’d been in the same country I think I would have tracked him down and kissed him for his kindness!

My brother who drove on over, cursed me for being death to technology, but nonetheless stayed up through the night coaxing my computer back into the lands of light and life.

My mum telling me that she loves me, simply and silently, with a bye bye bacon sandwich and a chocolate bar hidden in away in my bag. It was good to be reminded that love speaks eloquently in many languages, often without words.

A friend who took the trouble to come and meet me on my way to part-way-there. It was great to be distracted by the pleasure of spending a few hours getting knowing someone wonderful that little bit better and being better known.

The sun rise breaking bloom over the crisp crackle of dark snow fields. Finding yourself awestruck, dum-struck with beauty before you get as far as brushing your teeth, is always a good start in getting a sense of perspective back.

For all my wanderings, I have people, I draw people into my life who make a place home for me, for that I am thankful.





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5 Responses to thank you for you…

  1. Greeneyes says:

    its the simple small things that do truly matter…. that is where the heart draws its strength when stress arrives which tugs and pulls on our days and nights…. lovely thank you list…..

    thank you 🙂

  2. Truly it is said “parting is such sweet sorrow”

  3. Your thankfulness is a delightful reminder to reflect on my own, and it is even more delightful when the two overlap 🙂 Happy travels!!!

  4. The willingness to draw and be drawn in is both gift, adventure, and results in a lot to be thankful for. Traveling mercies!

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